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Drop-in green fuels

Since our marine vessels are the largest contributor to our emissions footprint, we are relentlessly investigating sources of drop-in green fuels. Within this space, opportunities exist to instigate the development of agroforestry systems that are tailored to provide feedstock for fuel development. Such systems also provide additional animal feed as by-products, which can be used within the agricultural sector. We are engaging with Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) to investigate the feasibility of developing such agroforestry systems. Also, we are investigating the feasibility of using biomass sourced from encroacher bush as a sustainable feedstock for biomass-to-fuel development in Namibia. We are engaging key stakeholders to express our interest in the biomass sector and to position the company as a key partner in the valorisation of the encroacher-bush biomass in Namibia.

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