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Namibia has the richest known marine diamond deposits in the world. In 2005, marine diamond production in Namibia surpassed land based production. Marine recovery is gaining momentum globally, and the prospects of our resource and operations remains positive.

Our fleet of vessels fitted with state of the art marine diamond recovery technology operate on a continuous basis and carry enough supplies to operate independently for two months at sea. On board power generation and desalination produce energy and water for the crew, equipment and vessel. In port maintenance and the upgrade of vessel technology takes place every two to three year.

Each vessel is operated by a crew of 60-80 people and supported by helicopter operations that provide emergency access and transport for personnel, diamond and additional equipment or suppliers. Crew are on board for 28 days at a time, working a 12 hour rotational shift,  before being transported back to land for 28 days of leave.

Namibia leading in Marine Diamond Recovery

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