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Environment incidents

Incident Management

Our governance framework for managing and reporting environmental incidents ensures that we meet or exceed expectations for the issuing of our environmental clearance certificate. We operate an environmental management system certified to the international ISO 14001 standard. The award of ISO 14001 certification is not a once-off process, but requires consistent monitoring, maintenance, and improvement. This environmental management system is supported by our framework of environmental and technical standards, which together ensure that the environmental management practices of our operations are legally compliant and continually improving.

An environmental incident can be defined as an event (or a continuous or repetitive series of events) that resulted in or had the potential to result in a negative impact on the environment.

The following occurrences are classified as environmental incidents:

  • Fuel, oil and lubricant spillages
  • Incorrect separation and disposal of waste
  • Incidental disturbance of marine life
  • Misuse of natural resources (e.g. water or electricity)
  • Destruction of archaeological, paleontological, and historical sites
  • Incorrect storage, handling, and disposal of hazardous substances
  • Incidental loss of equipment into the sea
  • Release of non-treated substances/water/sewage within three nautical miles of land
  • Incidental emissions to air
  • Release of non-macerated food into the sea within three nautical miles of land
  • Incidental disturbance to environmentally sensitive and monitoring sites.

All environmental incidents are logged according to company procedure on the electronic database which manages the whole process from initial capturing right through to closing off the incident with corrective and preventative actions. Incidents are reviewed and reported monthly and are analysed to ensure lessons are learnt towards ensuring continuous improvement.

Case Studies

Debmarine Namibia well prepared to deal with potential oil spill

Following an assessment on the company’s preparedness to effectively manage a possible oil spill, Debmarine Namibia has worked with several stakeholders to put in place the necessary measures to ensure it is properly prepared for such an incident off the Namibian coastal line and that any environmental impacts would be minimised.

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