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Resource development

Resource development
Resource development

Our current resource development focus is on a 600km2 area within this initial priority area. Here we are systematically exploring, sampling, and recovering in a series of specific and clearly demarcated 10km2 sites. After 21 years of operation, we have so far mined only 3% km2 of our total licence area.

Knowing the mineral endowment of the mining licence area is critical to ensure sustainable recovery. Resource development is carried out by scanning the seafloor using geophysical mapping followed by sampling to determine the reserve inventory. The inventory together with other parameters, is processed into a mine plan, which is aimed at ensuring the sustainable use of the resources for the long-team benefit of the stakeholders. The acquisition of the MV SS Nujoma – the only exploration and sampling vessel assess and identify potential mineralisation, with the aim to increase the sampling rate thereby  the business needs to broadly assess and identify potential minelisation, with the aim to increase the sampling rate thereby improving our recovery efficiencies.

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