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Generous gesture brings joy to Katutura Old Age Home


12 Apr 2024

Generous gesture brings joy to Katutura Old Age Home

Over 20 elderly residents of Katutura Old Age Home recently experienced a wave of kindness as Debmarine Namibia extended a helping hand, providing food items and other essentials worth N$20,000. This gesture reflects the company's commitment to supporting vulnerable members of society.

Last year, Debmarine Namibia’s outstanding tax contribution of N$4.2 billion earned the company’s recognition as the country's top taxpayer.  

Speaking at the handover, Debmarine Namibia Chief Executive Officer Willy Merten outlined that such a recognition from Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) as the top taxpayer in the country, is an honour that reflects the company’s dedication to contributing to the growth and prosperity of Namibia.

“This recognition was made possible by the Government Republic of Namibia and the De Beers Group, our board of Directors and the entire and the entire Debmarine Namibia team, whose hard work and dedication have propelled us to this commendable position”.

Choosing to direct their charitable donation to Katutura Old Age Home underscores the company's belief in caring for those who have paved the way for future generations.

NamRA Commissioner Sam Shivute applauded Debmarine Namibia for choosing the Katutura Old Age Home as the recipient of their winning as it coined with NamRA’s ethos of impacting the livelihood of every Namibian.  “We want to express our gratitude to Debmarine Namibia and we are happy that you are supported. Your value, teachings, wisdom and experience is the foundation on which our society stands and you matter”. 

Bernhard Stradicke, a resident of the home, expressed heartfelt appreciation on behalf of his fellow residents, acknowledging Debmarine Namibia and NamRA for their thoughtful support.

This act serves as a reminder of the profound impact of kindness and the responsibility that comes with success.

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