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Tsumis Farmers supported with Firefighting Equipment


04 Mar 2024

Debmarine Namibia has provided essential fire combating equipment to the Groot Tsumis Farmers Association (GTFA). The assistance comes at a crucial time as farmers face recurring bushfires during periods of good rainfall, which not only devastate grazing areas but also pose threats to properties. 

Tragically, one farmer lost his life while bravely battling a wildfire, highlighting the urgent need for adequate resources. In response, the GTFA has appealed for firefighting equipment to protect their livestock and grazing lands from future dangers. 

Debmarine Namibia's sponsorship of this equipment signifies a vital step in bolstering the community's resilience against such natural disasters. By partnering with local farmers, Debmarine Namibia exemplifies corporate responsibility in safeguarding livelihoods and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Heini Isaacs Chairperson of The Groot Tsumis Farmers Association (GTFA) received the equipment on behalf of the association.

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