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Local agricultural initiative boosts education and community well-being


18 Jan 2024

In the heart of Musese Village, situated in the Musese Constituency of the Kavango West Region, the Mungongi Agricultural Project has been playing a pivotal role in supporting local schools through food donations. This local initiative, thriving on vast lands and historically employing traditional irrigation methods, has received a significant boost from Debmarine Namibia, equipping them with essential agricultural tools.

The project, renowned for its dedication to cultivating and selling crops in areas such as Rundu, Nkurenkuru, and nearby communities, experienced a bountiful harvest last year. From October last year to March this year, tons of tomatoes and green peppers flourished under their care. Despite this success, Steven Mungongi, the project's Manager, highlighted a pressing issue — the lack of adequate cool storage facilities. The surplus production faced the unfortunate fate of going to waste due to storage constraints.

Recognising the potential impact on local communities, Mungongi Agricultural Project took a proactive step by contributing a portion of their harvest to two schools. In response to the generous offering, Ntara Combined School and Olavi Sivhute Kangumbe Combined School expressed their heartfelt appreciationThe principal of Ntara Combined School Florinus Mpareke expressed his gratitude, emphasising the timely nature of the donation as learners were preparing for their examinations. “Your donation has made a meaningful difference in the lives of our learners. Learners camp at the school for examination preparations, your contribution is invaluable,” remarked the school principal.

Kasanga Johannes, a Grade 11 learners, shared his perspective on the impact of the donation during the camping period, saying, “The donation played a major role; we were happy and appreciate the generous contribution.” Mpareke Simon, a fellow learner at Olavi Sivhute Kangumbe Combined School, echoed similar sentiments, expressing appreciation for the vegetables provided by Mungongi Agricultural Project during their school camping experience.

The collaborative efforts between Mungongi Agricultural Project and Debmarine Namibia not only showcase the positive outcomes of public-private partnerships but also highlight the significance of community support. As these agricultural endeavors contribute to the welfare of local schools, they underscore the potential for sustainable practices to bridge gaps and uplift educational experiences in Namibia.

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